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36'' Plotterpapper opaque 120g


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Webblager: 2 st tillgängligt Uppskattad leveranstid: 1-4 dagar
Tillgänglig / Leverans
Tekniska data
Intervall för relativ operativ luftfuktighet30 - 75%
Temperaturintervall (förvaring)10 - 35 ° C
Temperatur vid drift10 - 35 ° C
Fuktighet (förvaring)30 - 75%
Vikt utskriftsmedia120
Maximal längd på rulle30 m
Rullens dimension914 mm x 30 m
Mediats tjocklek163
Mediats ogenomskinlighet95%
Mediats förvaringstid2
Mediats vithet149 ± 3 CIE
Source: Icecat.biz

This paper is a perfect choice for economical full colour output. Opaque Paper is developed for high-accuracy inkjet printing. In the CAD and GIS environment it offers an extra heavy, stiff and durable solution. For these reasons opaque paper is also very suitable for presentation use. Graphic full colour prints show vivid characters and images. The opacity is very high. And the thickness minimises show-through, allowing high ink absorption. The surface is smooth and smear resistant.

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