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Creepy Crawlers Alien Bug Creator

Creepy Crawlers Alien Bug Creator

Tillverkare: JAKKS PACIFIC
ID: 406644
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Source: Icecat.biz

Mites are on the loose and only you can stop them with the Creepy Crawlers Alien Bug Maker!
The Alien Bug Maker comes with 2 molds for kids to make their own spiders and centipedes to surprise their friends and family. Melt orange and green Mites in the cauldron to create up to 8 Alien Bugs at a time. With adult supervision it only takes 10 seconds to melt the Mites in the cauldron using your home microwave. Let the molds cool and then you are ready to play. For repeat play crush and melt the Alien Bugs all over again to make new ones and keep the fun going!
Try combinations of colors to see what menacing Alien Bugs you can create. Make your own army of bugs in different colors with the Refill Packs and Mold Packs (each sold separately).
Includes 1 Creepy Crawlers Alien Bug Maker, 2 bug molds, 1 mold bracket, and 12 orange and 12 green compound Mites.

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