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HAMA Selfie Stick Selfie 50

HAMA Selfie Stick Selfie 50

Tillverkare: HAMA
ID: HA-00004278
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Webblager: 7 st Beräknad leverans: 13.12 - 14.12
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Source: Icecat.biz

Being extendable, this monopod gadget gives you an easy way to take stunning group shots or selfies. It is intended for use with digital cameras or GoPro cameras and helps you to capture a wider perspective. Extend your photographic possibilities today with Hama!

- Self monopod that is ideal for sports and action shots e.g. for filming yourself when skiing
- 2in1 system for 1/4 inch threads and GoPro cameras
- The telescopic pole is extendable up to 50 cm and ideal for situations where additional height is necessary to capture the desired images, e.g. at action recordings, concerts, for difficult-to-capture subjects or group pictures
- Completely new perspectives are possible with this self monopod
- Connection for all cameras with a tripod thread, e.g. action cameras or digital cameras and GoPro connection
- Non-slip foam grip with a hand strap and snap hook for a firm and secure grip
- Can also be used as a tripod extension

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