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Smart outdoor plug, 13A, IP44, WiFi

Smart outdoor plug, 13A, IP44, WiFi

Tillverkare: QNECT
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Source: Icecat.biz

SH-OP01-QNE is a smart outdoor plug that can be easily switched on or off via your phone or tablet, both at home or at a distance.
SH-OP01-QNE can be used for all devices with the correct plug. Thanks to the fact that it is IP44-rated, the electronics inside are protected from any water splashes, which makes it perfect for e.g. the engine heater, outdoor lights or in wet rooms.
With the QNECT SMART HOME app you can handle all the operation for the outdoor plug. The app is very easy to install, the only thing you need is a functioning wireless network (2,4GHz) and therfore no special hubs or gateways. In the app, in addition to just turning the plug on or off, you can also set a timer if you want the plug to turn off after a certain time.
Alternatively, you can schedule specific times when it should be turned on or off.
The QNECT SMART HOME app also offers the possibility to create automatic actions. For example, the plug can be turned off when the sun goes down, or you can group several plugs together to perform the same thing at a given time.
The QNECT SMART HOME app is of course available for free download for both Android and iOS.
SH-OP01-QNE can also be connected and controlled manually or via voice control with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, to easily be integrated and become a part of the smart home.

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