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Doorbell Camera, 1MP, Chime, WiFi, IP44

Doorbell Camera, 1MP, Chime, WiFi, IP44

Tillverkare: QNECT
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Source: Icecat.biz

SH-DB01-QNE is a smart doorbell with a camera where you both get a notification on the phone while you can see who is ringing the doorbell, whether you are at home or away.

The camera has a resolution of 1280x720 (1MP) which gives you a clear image, as well as an IR range of up to 5m to be able to see the person in the dark. With the built-in PIR sensor, the doorbell can detect movements and everything that happens can be stored on a microSD memory card.

It also supports two-way audio, which can be convenient if you need to communicate with the person ringing the doorbell. If you have more doors, you can connect more doorbells together.

The doorbell can either be screwed on with the included back plate (screws included) or set up with double-sided adhesive tape (not included).

You can power the doorbell in 3 different ways, via USB microB (USB power adapter not included), via two 18650 batteries (included), or directly connected DC 8-24V. It also comes with a bell that you place in a suitable wall socket indoors where it should be heard when it rings.

With the QNECT SMART HOME app, you can handle all the operation for the doorbell. The app is easy to install and all you need is a working wireless network (2,4GHz), ie. no special hubs or gateways. The app contains settings for e.g. motion detection, PIR, power management and how the recordings are to be made on the SD card.

You can also access previous events, take a screenshot or record real-time video that will be saved on your phone.

The QNECT SMART HOME app is of course free and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

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