First you need to pair your Sudio Elva with Sudio Flyg. Once they are paired, you are ready to connect Sudio Flyg to any audio devices.

Please follow the instruction below.

1. Make sure there is no Bluetooth-activated device around you to prevent Sudio Flyg from connecting to wrong devices.

2. Press and hold the round button on your Sudio Flyg for 5 seconds until the LED light starts blinking white.

3. Turn on your Sudio Elva and enter pairing mode by pressing the middle button for 7 seconds.

4. Keep your Sudio Elva very close (1 to 2 cm) to Flyg.

5. Once you see the LED light on your Sudio Flyg stop blinking, your Sudio Elva is successfully paired to Sudio Flyg.

6. Plug Sudio Flyg into the device to which you want to connect Sudio Elva. If there is only one output available, use the main pin.

7. Now your device and Sudio Elva are successfully connected.