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Smart Thermostat

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Mobila operativsystem som stödsAndroid,Windows Phone,iOS
Vikt & dimension
Vikt132 g
Höjd104 mm
Bredd104 mm
Djup19 mm
Antal batterier3
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Handhållen fjärrkontrollcross
Skruvar medföljercheckmark
CertifieringISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Produktens färgVit
Material, höljePlast
Smartphone fjärrsupportcheckmark
Smart termostatcheckmark
Garanti2 år
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Smarter heating with your Smart Climate Assistant
tado° Smart Thermostats make your home more comfortable. Now your heating system can adapt to your life whilst becoming more efficient than ever before.

The Smart Thermostats
The Smart Thermostats replace your existing thermostats and connect to the internet so you are able to control your heating system, underfloor heating or radiators remotely.

The app
You can access your heating via our app from anywhere, at any time.
Let the Smart Climate Assistant automatically control your heating, or make a temporary manual change.

The Smart Climate Assistant
The Smart Climate Assistant features improve your comfort whilst reducing your energy consumption. The Energy Savings Report shows how much energy you have saved with tado°.

Save 31% on heating costs
tado° saves up to 31% on your heating bills and pays for itself within the first year. For more information, see our Energy Savings Guarantee.

Lean back and relax
The location-based control, the smart schedule, as well as the voice control via Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant automatically ensure a comfortable and efficiently heated home.

Comfortable Climate
The Smart Thermostats, the tado° App and the the Smart Climate Assistant ensure the perfect room temperature at all times.

Smart Climate Assistant features

tado° uses the residents’ locations to automatically control the heating: it heats up when someone heads home and turns down when the last person leaves, so that no energy is wasted.

Open Window Detection
tado° recognises sudden drops in temperature or humidity when a window is opened and turns the heating off temporarily to save energy.

Weather Adaptation
tado° adapts the way it heats using the weather forecast, making use of natural heat to save energy.

Smart Schedule
The Smart Schedule integrates geofencing into your customised schedule for fully automated temperature control.

Energy Savings Report
The tado° Energy Savings Report estimates how much you save with the help of smart tado° features.

Your heating in your hands
The mobile app enables you to access your heating system or radiators from anywhere. It displays, for example, the current temperature at home and enables you to manually change the settings on the go.

Building characteristics
Every house and heating system is different, so tado° learns over time how to heat yours as efficiently as possible.

Multi-zone control
Control multiple rooms or zones separately with the tado° app.

Smart Home Integration
tado° can be integrated to various additional smart home services like Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Hot water control
With tado° you can also intelligently control your hot water and prevent bacteria such as legionella.

See your home temperature with our live app reports and view how much energy your heating is consuming.

Set personalised schedules with different temperatures at different times of the day to suit your needs.

The internet connected Smart Thermostat
tado° works with almost all heating and underfloor systems and radiators of all ages. Simply choose the right Starter Kit. Every Starter Kit contains the Internet Bridge which, once connected to the router, will connect all your tado° devices with the internet and your app.

Easy installation
It’s easy to install tado° yourself, but we also offer a professional installation service.

Automatic updates
All devices are connected to the internet and continuously receive free updates with new features.

Data security
The communication between the thermostat, cloud servers and mobile devices is highly secure and conforms to online banking standards.