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Arozzi ZONA Floor Pad - 3mm - Black/Grey

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Diameter 1200mm

Microfiber chair mat that dampens noise, is easy to clean, and protects your floor from scratches.

Simplistic Design

The new Chair Mat is designed with simplicity in mind to keep your office or setup looking fresh and modern.

The 3mm microfiber has the Arozzi ‘A’ symbol in either the vibrant racer red for those RGB style setups or a discreet grey for a neutral color that can match any setting.

Noise Dampening

The microfiber material dampens the noise made from chair casters rolling around on hard surface floors.

This is excellent for those who do not want to disturb neighbors or those who live in apartments with neighbors living below.

Protect Your Floor & Anti-Slip

The Floor Mat material is also designed to protect your floor from scratches if you have flooring that is

susceptible to damage. On the bottom is anti-slip rubber coating to ensure the Floor Mat stays in the same place while you are moving around.

Easy to Clean

As the Zona Floor Pad starts to build up dust & scrap simply throw it in the washing machine. All you need is a mild amount of laundry detergent at the lowest temperature & let air dry to have it looking good as new. Another cleaning alternative is using a standard vacuum cleaner for a quick cleaning.


-Anti-Slip rubber bottom

-Dampens the noise of chair movements

-Microfiber with perimeter stitching

-Protects your floor from scratches