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Fibaro - Radiator Thermostat Starter Pack for HomeKit

Fibaro - Radiator Thermostat Starter Pack for HomeKit

Tillverkare: FIBARO
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Webblager: 5 st Beräknad leverans: 12.07
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Mobila operativsystem som stödsAndroid,iOS
Vikt & dimension
Höjd56,5 mm
Bredd56,5 mm
Djup73,2 mm
BatteriteknikLitium Polymer (LiPo)
Inbyggt battericheckmark
Exakthet0,5 ° C
Temperaturstyrningsintervall10 - 30 ° C
Förpackningens innehåll
Fjärrkontroll ingårcross
Produktens färgVit
Kompatibla produkterHomeKit
Brand kompatibilitetFibaro
Smart termostatcheckmark
Source: Icecat.biz

The most intelligent thermostat. Ever

Innovative room analysis algorithm and color control

Simplicity combined with technology is the key to revolution. Based on the cubic capacity of your room, our thermostatic radiator head, calculates how much time it takes to reach the temperature you want. Moreover, the current temperature is indicated by the appropriate ring color. You no longer have to read the temperature on poor displays. Try, set your temperature and discover the color language.

A spectacular array of possibilities

See how amazingly simple and efficient heating management can be. You can install the FIBARO Heat Controller on any number of radiators and they will co-operate with each other to provide the optimum temperature. No other controller offers such a level of heating comfort and such an array of possibilities. Wherever you are, whenever you are: use your hand, use your voice or use your mobile app to have precision control of the heating in every room in your home.

Perfection in every detail

The most advanced technology and its unique design make the device a perfect whole, able to transform your home. Managing the temperature has never been as precise and as simple before.

A typical heating system is ineffective...

Think, why would you warm up an entire building or let your apartment get cold? A house has many rooms, and each of them should be heated in an appropriate manner. Our thermostatic radiator head can provide the perfect answer.

Individual schedules

Tailor each room to your needs! Ensure maximum comfort by having the temperature of each room programmed to the time of day and to its use by you.

Knowing more means working more precisely

The FIBARO Heat Controller is the only device that learns so precisely and accurately about your rooms. At the beginning, the radiator head will scan the room, learn its layout and react accordingly. To manage heat intelligently, it will make full use of the extraordinary possibilities behind the pioneering algorithms used to build it.

No matter what!

The coldest winter in years! No problem for our thermostatic radiator heads! It will recognize how the walls of your home react to the cold yet the temperatures inside will stay the way you have set them.

Saving energy and money

Trust the FIBARO Heat Controllers to make savings to your family budget whilst taking care of the environment.

Innovative approach to supplying power

The FIBARO Heat Controller possess comfortable and cost-effective batteries, which can be charged using standard phone or power bank chargers. Once charged, they will work throughout the entire heating season2, and if the battery is low, the device will remind you about the necessity to charge it itself. You won’t have to look for or buy new batteries ever again.

Operation control

Our thermostatic radiator head will control the operation of your heating system. Based on characteristic symptoms, the FIBARO Heat Controller will be able to diagnose whether the heater works correctly3. You will immediately be notified in case of a failure in the system and you can decide how you wish to deal with it.

Rooms with no secrets

Enjoy the convenience of an intelligently managed heating system. The FIBARO Heat Controller will react to the number of people in a room, an open window and another heat source like a fireplace. It will consider all these conditions and will provide a stable temperature ensuring comfort and savings.

Work at a particular place and time

There are rooms in the house which you do not necessarily use every day. A guest bedroom, a home gym or an office. Thanks to the adaptive working mode, the radiator head will lower the temperature within chosen rooms, generating savings for you. However as soon as the Motion Sensor detects movement in a room it will raise the temperature to an optimum level. Reasonable, isn’t it?

Precise temperature measurement

The head may use an extra or an in-built temperature sensor. You can decide for yourself, where the measurement will be done. This way, you can avoid overheating or under heating. Because the temperature should be perfect where you are!

Fresh air without wasting the heat and money

The FIBARO Heat Controller senses sudden temperature drops. In such cases, it can turn the heating off automatically.

Works with 98% of radiator types

The head works with the most popular types of radiator valves. Thanks to the special adapters that come within the set, it can be mounted on 98% of radiators available on the market.

Easy setup

Setting up the FIBARO Heat Controller does not require professional tools and takes less than a minute. The mobile app leads you through the basic configuration and advanced options are available from the FIBARO system configuration panel. You can mount the smart device yourself or ask a professional installer from the FIBARO partner network for help.

It is always ready for your voice command

If you do not feel like getting up from the sofa or even reaching for your phone, you can control the temperature using voice commands. This convenient feature is available both within the FIBARO system and on the Apple HomeKit platform through different voice interfaces.

Wherever you are

Wherever you are, whenever you are you may want to come home to a warm environment. By using the FIBARO App you can set a higher temperature remotely and be greeted by a cozy home when you arrive.

A cozy house ready for your arrival

The FIBARO System can activate heating when you’re on your way home. Thanks to the geolocation possibilities5, the thermostatic radiator head knows the time of your arrival. It will start increasing the temperature at the optimum moment in order to reach the perfect level of warmth when you arrive. This function is perfect if your working hours are irregular or you want to heat that cottage in the country you only use at weekends.

Mobile and intuitive

The devices are manufactured in two versions - for the systems based on the Z-Wave protocol and for Apple HomeKit platform. In both cases, there are mobile apps that offer quick and easy configuration, simple operation and clearly presented key information.

Manual heating control

You can adjust the temperature in a traditional way. Turn the knob to set the temperature level you expect. The radiator thermostatic head will consider the nature and the cubic volume of the room to reach the perfect temperature without excessive fluctuation.

Remote heating control

Enjoy the convenience of controlling the heating using the mobile app. Control the heating from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the radiator thermostatic head, your smartphone and the FIBARO app, you can adjust the temperature with the accuracy of up to 0.5°C.

Intelligent heating control

With FIBARO system you can easily set the schedules tailored to your lifestyle. You can also interrupt the programmed settings - your manual change will be maintained for a period of time set by you and then the temperature will return to the previous settings.

Voice control

Start your command with Alexa, Google or Siri and tell our thermostatic radiator head what temperature you would like to set or ask it what temperature is in the bathroom before bathing.

Child security lock

If the radiator thermostatic head is located in the children’s bedroom or where a child can see it, you can secure it against changing the settings accidentally. Turn on the local protection mode, which disables manual control and watch your little explorers play with a smile on your face.

Reacts to your needs immediately

Contrary to other wireless solutions available on the market, the FIBARO Heat Controller will react immediately when you change its settings either at home or by using the mobile app. Our aim is to ensure your maximum comfort right when you need it.

Holiday mode

When you leave home for a couple days, you can easily turn on the holiday mode and stop worrying about the conditions in your house and the costs connected with them. By using the app, you can turn the special mode for holidays and longer trips with just one tap. You can do it when leaving the house or remotely from wherever you are.

When you forget...

“I forgot...!”. I forgot to close the window in the attic, the temperature drops, the pipes freeze, they burst. The result a flooded home. The FIBARO Heat Controller will save the day, it will not allow the temperature to drop down dangerously. It will also secure the functional part of the house against possible heat loss.

Unique security against cold

Depending on your preferences, the FIBARO Heat Controller may turn the heating off when the room is being aerated or do the opposite - work in the mode which makes sure to keep the temperature constant even when the windows are open. Because we know that there are rooms, where the thermal comfort is more important than potential savings. Use the FIBARO devices exactly how you need them.

Cooperation for better results

Mount the head on each radiator in the room and configure it with the FIBARO Temperature Sensor. Wherever you choose, the radiators will therefore create a consistent environment to work out maximum comfort and savings by cooperating together.


A clogged heating system is an issue commonly ignored. Clogging can corrupt your system permanently. The FIBARO Heat Controller won’t let dirt settle down in the valve, which could influence the quality and efficiency of its performance. The advanced technology used makes the device go into descaling mode on a regular basis preventing the installation from being clogged with scale. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the condition of the valves in your home.

Automatic calibration

The FIBARO Thermostatic Head is not only easy to mount but is also able to calibrate itself and check whether it is connected properly. In order to reach precision in controlling the heat exchanger flow, unheard of in similar devices, the head checks the distance and adjust to the scope of work of the spike. Thanks to that, you can be sure that the installation process runs and the device itself will work well.

For better efficiency

Thanks to the algorithms used in the The FIBARO Heat Controller and the Home Center, the system can be optimized for comfortable use but still generate significant energy savings. The heating is regulated in a precise manner, taking into consideration the many factors such as persons in the room, the thermal insulation of the building, the efficiency of the radiator and the heating system itself. See for yourself how to increase the heating efficiency in your home.

Ergonomic design

A small size and elegant design that fits comfortably in your hand makes the FIBARO Heat Controller easy to use. The tiny pastille which is the FIBARO Thermostatic Sensor can be easily and safely placed wherever you want in a room.

Choose the most convenient variant

We have created two lines of the FIBARO Heat Controller - one for the FIBARO system and one for Apple HomeKit. If you own a FIBARO system or a different one based on Z-Wave, choose a device designed to work with this technology. If you are looking for a device which works with Apple HomeKit, choose the appropriate version.

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