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ANTENN, DAT45 Kombi, T-force700 (21-48). Ref 149421 Singel

ANTENN, DAT45 Kombi, T-force700 (21-48). Ref 149421 Singel

Tillverkare: TELEVES
ID: 1945881
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Source: Icecat.biz

The BOSS Techsystem featured in the antenna automatically controls the level of
the received signal (either very high or very low) in order to always ensure an optimal output
level. We call this BOSS technology (Balanced Output Signal System)

Its new design with TForce technology, makes this intelligent device even more versatile:

Low power consumption in active mode.
Large dynamic area allows you to receive high quality TV in a variety of critical situations.
It provides an improvement in the reception area by more than 27% compared with conventional antennas.
A stable signal even when receiving signal with large level variations without disturbing or deteriorating the image.
The market's lowest C / N thanks to an amplifier based on a proprietary GaAs MMIC which produces only 1.2 dB in noise.
Filtering that complies with 1st (LTE790) or 2nd (LTE700

Active or passive mode (depending of power).
The DAT design, based on 3 connected Yagi antennas with asymmetric directors, provides the large directive as well as an optimal anti-echo radiation pattern and ground noise degradation.
The special double dipole is optimized to provide a flat frequency
The full-screen connector box protects the BOSS system from interference and is a good protection against electrical discharges.
In the housing there is also a 4-layer amplifier card with advanced automatic gain control (AGC).
Three new European patents are behind the new antenna. Made entirely of aluminium.
Important: In order to use active, the antenna must be connected with a power supply

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