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Ravensburger puzzle fairytale castle in 4 seasons

Tillverkare: SCREENOR
ID: 16137
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Source: Icecat.biz

Puzzle fun with premium quality. When one part fits perfectly into the other, when we are challenged and yet have the certainty that “I can do it!”, then we feel the happiness within us. The important thing is to choose the right challenge. Puzzles with 300 and 500 pieces are best for puzzle beginners and occasional puzzlers, advanced puzzlers usually prefer 1000 pieces and ambitious puzzlers can work their way up to the largest puzzle. With more than 300 puzzle motifs for adults ranging from 300 to 40,320 pieces, the Ravensburger range has the right puzzle for everyone. Ravbensburger's decades of experience in producing puzzles not only enables the best selection of beautiful motifs, it also ensures premium quality with Softclick Technology. Ravensburgre places the highest demands on materials and workmanship throughout the entire manufacturing process. That's why hand-drawn punching templates and punching tools, which are handcrafted with watchmaker precision, ensure the greatest possible fit and variety of shapes for the puzzle pieces. Experience Ravensburger's passion for quality by discovering how one fits the other.

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