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BRAUN PARRANAJOKONE 3050CC ProSkin SERIES-3 Huoltokeskus. Maailman myydyin partakonesarja. Uusi suorituskykyisempi ajopää MICROCOMB! Tyylikäs muotoilu pitävällä

149,00 €
Näyta hinta: sis. ALV ilman ALV
Arvioitu toimitusaika5-7 päivää
Postipaketti6,00 €
Ovelle-paketti10,00 €
Kotipaketti12,00 €
Postin pakettiautomaatit3,90 €
Paino ja mitat
Paino920 g
AkkuteknologiaNikkelimetallihybridi (NiMH)
Latausaika1 h
Ajoaika50 min
Toiminta-aika45 min
Paino pakattuna1,16 kg
Pakkauksen syvyys157 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus252 mm
Pakkauksen leveys157 mm
Puhdistustarpeen ilmaisincheckmark
Akun tason ilmaisincheckmark
Pakkauksen sisältö
Virtajohto mukanacheckmark
Tuotteen väriMusta, Harmaa
ParranajokonejärjestelmäTeräverkollinen parranajokone
Parranajokoneen päiden/terien lukumäärä3
Source: Icecat.biz

MicroComb guides more hair into the cutting parts for a faster shave.

With the new Braun Series 3 shaver Braun is introducing MicroComb technology. It features two rows of fine, evenly spaced grooves that surround an independently moving middle trimmer. This catches and feeds more hair with every stroke, which gives you a faster shave. The difference to other shavers is noticeable, especially in the torture test of 3‐day beards.

Effectively cut long and short hair with every stroke.

Triple Action Cutting System. In perfect collaboration twin foils and integrated independently floating middle trimmer with MicroComb technology shave progressively closer. Proven even on difficult 3-day beards, the 3 cutting systems effectively cut both long and short hairs with every stroke.

Flexible shaving system, designed to feel great on skin.

Triple Action Free Float System

Three independently moving cutting elements adapt to every facial contour and guarantee a smooth shaving experience.

High-speed. High-tech.

Use in the shower, or with foam or gel.

The Wet&Dry models of the Braun Series 3 are specifically designed to be used in the shower and with foam or gel. This gives you a refreshing shaving experience without compromise in shaving performance.

Rinse under running water.

The Braun Series 3 is IPX7 certified - it could be submerged in 5 meter deep water without a problem. Which means you can comfortably rinse it under running water for easy cleaning.

Like new every morning.

World's only 3-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station4.

Hygienically cleans, charges and lubricates at the touch of a button. The alcohol cleaning fluid removes 99.999% of germs. Using the Clean&Charge Station is 10x more hygienic than just using running water.

Precision mode for tricky areas.

The Braun Series 3 shaver features a very clever precision mode. With a simple switch you can temporarily retract one of the foils which makes the effective shaver head a lot slimmer for an easy precise shave. This is especially helpful when shaving hard to reach areas, like under the jawline or nose.

Hinnan muutokset
Arvioitu toimitusaika5-7 päivää