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Edifier Mr4 Black Wired 21 W

Valmistaja: EDIFIER
25900€ Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
Arvioitu toimitus: 06.03. - 16.03.
Tilattavissa, toimitusaika-arvio 04.03.2024 jälkeen
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Source: Icecat.biz

Compact and Powerful Design

Upgrades your listening experience by providing a professional sound performance, and its compact size makes it an ideal solution for any small space.

Natural High End Tweeter

Utilizes 1-inch silk dome tweeters to produce a smooth and high-frequency sound, and the special coating added on it ensures a more natural and refined treble.

Deep Bass Driver

Adopts 4-inch low-frequency diaphragm woofers with MICA to produce a stronger bass with a more accurate overall sound.

Classic Wooden Speaker

The strong and durable MDF wooden cabinets is designed to restore the original tone by minimizing acoustic resonance and rendering effect consistently.

Multiple Connection Methods

Equipped with a 1/4-inch balanced TRS input to connect to the audio interface, mixers, etc. A RCA unbalanced input to personal music players, desktop computers, etc. An Aux unbalanced input to mobile phones, tablets, etc. And a headphones output to headphones.

Adjustable Knob

Rotate the knob to adjust the volume, long press to power on/off and short press to switch sound effect mode.

A Suitably Near-flat Response

Professionally fine-tuned to an appropriately neutral, flat response to naturally present the sound of the recording/mix-in-progress, which improves the accuracy of recording levels, mic placement, mix balance, EQ, mastering processing, etc.

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