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Bosch EasyPrune - sähköiset oksasakset

Valmistaja: BOSCH
ID: 06008B2102
11900€ Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
Arvioitu toimitus: 01.05. - 11.05.
Tilattavissa, toimitusaika-arvio 29.04.2024 jälkeen
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Source: Icecat.biz

Power-assisted technology handles the hard work effortlessly
Power Assist Technology effortlessly cuts branches up to 25 mm thick, reducing stress on the hand, unlike manual secateurs. Power assistance kicks into action, as soon as resistance is sensed. A long-lasting 3.6 V battery provides up to 450 cuts on a single charge for flexible, cordless mobility to cut anywhere in the garden. A bypass cutting system, with two premium quality stainless steel blades gliding past one another, encourages healthy plant growth. Enjoy smooth cutting without needing to stop or reposition the secateurs in the process.

Power Assist Technology reduces hand strain

Easy and intuitive to use like manual secateurs

Simple charging with a micro USB charging cable

Clean-cut pruning to promote healthy plant growth

Reduce hand strain with Power Assist Technology
Cut and prune branches up to 25 mm thick effortlessly, reducing hand strain or stress thanks to automatic Power Assist Technology, for easier and more enjoyable gardening.

Promotes healthy plant growth
Enjoy smooth cutting without needing to stop or reposition the secateurs. A bypass cutting system, whereby two premium-quality stainless steel blades glide past one another, encourages healthy plant growth.

Freedom to cut anywhere in the garden
Enjoy cordless mobility, with flexibility to cut anywhere in the garden. It offers a battery status indicator and charges from the micro USB cable easily.

Change blades easily for longer tool life
Renew and reuse – Exchange dull or damaged blades easily without replacing the entire tool. This allows the tool to be used for an extended period.

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