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SKULLCANDY MOD true wireless black

Valmistaja: SKULLCANDY
ID: S2FYW-P740
Tuote ei ole saatavilla
Tätä tuotetta ei valmisteta enää tai sitä ei ole tällä hetkellä saatavilla.
Hinnan muutokset
YhteysteknologiaTrue Wireless Stereo (TWS)
Paino ja mitat
Paino54,8 g
Kuulokkeiden taajuus20 - 20000 Hz
Kuulokkeiden herkkyys95 dB
Impedanssi16 Ω
Ajuriyksikkö6 mm
KorvakytkentäKorvan sisäinen
Harmoninen kokonaissärö (THD)3%
Tulppakuulokkeen tyyppiKorvanapit
Pakkauksen sisältö
Sisältää johdotUSB Type-C
Settiin sisältyvät lisävarusteet3 sizes gel eartips
AkkutyyppiSisäänrakennettu akku
Musiikin toistoaika7 h
Tuotteen väriMusta
Äänenvoimakkuuden säätöKosketus
International Protection (IP)-koodiIP55
Kuulokkeiden tyyppiKaksikanavainen
Suositeltu käyttöUrheilu
Takuu2 vuotta

Compact and custom.
Mod is the have-it-your-own-way earbud. Customizable equalizers and button settings allow you to configure Mod exactly how you want it. Plus, the charging case is small enough to carry everywhere, so your buds will be juiced up and right there when you need them.

Pro tip: tap the app.
The Skullcandy App allows you to access Stay-Aware Mode, custom button settings and other advanced features. You can also optimize the sound for music, movies, podcasts and calls and access user guides and other useful information.

The everlasting earbud.
Mod is loaded with battery life. The earbuds hold up to 7 hours of play time, and the case fully charges the buds more than 3 times between plug-ins. Plus, with Rapid Charge, just 10 minutes of charging will give you 2 hours of play time.

Like talking face-to-face.
We put a Clear Voice Smart Mic in each earbud. It uses artificial intelligence to isolate the speaker’s voice and reduce background noise. It’s the closest thing to talking in person.

Pair with multiple devices.
Multipoint Pairing makes it possible to pair your earbuds to two devices at once. Connections are managed automatically. If your phone rings while you’re on a video call or watching a movie on your laptop, your connection will switch so you can take the call on your phone.

Keep one ear open.
Need to stay tuned-in to the world around you? A microphone in each earbud means you can use either bud by itself in solo mode. If you’d rather not remove an earbud, Stay-Aware Mode lets you hear your surroundings with both buds in.

Only Skullcandy audio is custom-tuned to deliver music you can feel. From the lyrics in your soul to the bass in your bones.

We spend hundreds of hours designing, testing and perfecting every Skullcandy product in our Utah headquarters. But our engineers aren’t your typical corporate lab-coat-wearing technicians. They’re people who love music. They live for adventure. And they know what it’s like to work on the go. Probably a lot like you.