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KiCA Pro Double-head Massage Gun, Grey

KiCA Pro Double-head Massage Gun, Grey

Valmistaja: FEIYU-TECH
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Source: Icecat.biz

Kica 2021 New Products - Kica Pro

Aviation aluminum binds to the fine sheathed craft, created exquisite appearance and comfort.
Kica Pro has a unique double-headed design that makes massages more accurate and reduces pain.
Equipped with smart touch screens, simplifying fascia guns.
The fascia gun is matched with three different silica gel materials massage heads,
which is suitable for different massage requirements, and the soft silicone head maximizes the body being hurt again.

All Metal Body, Spectacular and Easy to Hold

Aviation aluminum with fine frosting craft, create exquisite appearance and comfortable holding.
The stroke reaches 10 mm and the impact force reaches 13 kgf, and the deep hitting and vibration of
deep muscle tissue can be accelerated to accelerate the blood circulation, relieve the effects of muscle soreness.

Intelligent Touch Screen, Full Control of Information

Switch to other modes. There are three modes here, vibrating mode, hitting mode and kneading mode.
Enjoy professional package. Built-in a variety of massage gun package designed by professional therapists,
accurately solves various relaxation needs, as if carrying a massage with you.
10 Speeds can be Adjusted on the Touchscreen. It has 10 speed options, you can choose according to your preference.
Lower speeds can be used to warm up muscles or more sensitive very sore muscles.
Higher speeds can be used for very stiff muscles or deeper tight knots.

Rechargeable and Long Battery Life

In the 1st gear vibration mode, the battery life can reach 20 hours, and it can be charged
using the type-c interface, which is convenient and fast.
Using high-power brushless motor, work is smooth and longer service life.
Noise small no more than 60 decibels.

Three Silicone Massage Heads

It provides a targeted massage for each muscle, easily remove and post the massage head in a few seconds,
bringing you a different massage experience.
Different massage heads can be more accurately hit on your muscles, avoid injury skeletons.
Make your body part so fast to solve pain and get relaxation.