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Tristar GR-2650 pöytägrilli 22,5x14cm

Tristar GR-2650 pöytägrilli 22,5x14cm

Valmistaja: TRISTAR
ID: GR-2650
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Source: Icecat.biz

The Tristar GR-2650 Contact Grill is perfect for making grilled sandwiches, panini’s, meat, fish and vegetables. The grill automatically adjusts to the height of the product due to the floating lid, so you can prepare all types of products in the grill. The non-stick coating ensures that you do not have to use oil and you can easily clean the grill after use.

All-round grill
You can easily prepare the most delicious meals with the Tristar contact grill. It is perfect for preparing grilled sandwiches and panini’s, but also for grilling meat, fish or vegetables. The Tristar contact grill is actually provided with a floating lid that enables you to use it for all kinds of products. Thicker products will not be flattened and your products will be cooked evenly.

Practical in use
The Tristar contact grill is very practical in use thanks to the convenient extra functions. The integrated handle makes it easy to move or open the grill. The lid is provided with a lock and the indicator light allows you to see at one glance if the grill has reached the right temperature. In addition, the grill is provided with nonslip feet to make sure the grill stands stable on the counter top.

Easy to clean
The GR-2650 contact grill is provided with a high quality non-stick coating, so you will not have to use oil or butter for grilling so you will have an extra healthy result. It allows you to easily clean the contact grill after use by cleaning the grill plates with a cloth.

What´s in the box:
Tristar contact grill, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar GR-2650 Contact Grill:

  • Suitable for all types of dishes such as panini’s, meat and vegetables
  • The contact grill reaches the desired temperature quickly with 700 Watt power
  • You will have a large baking surface of 25.5 x 15.5 centimetres
  • The floating lid evenly cooks the product and makes the grill perfect for all types of products
  • The non-stick coating makes oil or butter unnecessary and it makes the grill easy to clean

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