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Trust GXT 698 Torro RGB-Illuminated 5.1 Speaker Set

Trust GXT 698 Torro RGB-Illuminated 5.1 Speaker Set

Valmistaja: TRUST
ID: 23059
169,00 € Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
Tällä hetkellä ei saatavilla Arvioitu toimitus: Tuntematon
Hinnan muutokset
Tekniset tiedot
YhteensopivuusPS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, PS4 Original , PC
Taajuusalue20 - 20000 Hz
Kiinteä mikrofonicross
Johdon pituus1,5 m
S/PDIF in liitincheckmark
3,5 mm liitincheckmark
Paino ja mitat
Paino6392 g
Subwooferin RMS-teho30 W
Subwoofer-kaiutinelementin halkaisija165 mm
Satelliittikaiuttimien RMS-teho10 W
Nimellisteho RMS90 W
Impedanssi4 Ω
Huipputeho180 W
Äänilähdön kanavat5.1 kanavaa
Kaukosäätimen tyyppiWireless
Takuu2 vuotta

GXT 698 Torro RGB-Illuminated 5.1 Speaker Set

Powerful and RGB Illuminated Speaker Set
Add new dimensions to your sound experience. With the Trust GXT 698 Torro RGB-Illuminated 5.1 Speaker Set you can enjoy powerful and high-quality surround sound with Dolby Audio™ certification, visually amplified by the RGB lightshow.

360° Surround Sound with Dolby
Make it fully immersive. With premium Dolby certified surround sound, this set delivers truly high-quality audio in a 360° soundscape. Enjoy a full cinematic experience at home; the surround sound will pull you right into any game, music track or film you put on.

Crisp Highs and Thrilling Bass
Powerful sound is redefined with the Trust GXT 698 Torro RGB-Illuminated 5.1 Speaker Set, generating impressive audio with competitive 180W peak power. The 5.1 setup includes five crisp and clear surround speakers and a thrilling subwoofer that will leave you windswept. Jointly, they make for an incredibly rich and deep sound that fills every corner of your living room or gaming room.

Mesmerising RGB Colour Experience
Experience sound visually with the speaker set’s integrated RGB light show. Select the perfect colour setting from several pre-defined light modes; go for gradual colour change with breathing RGB, have it hypnotising with colour-rotation or opt for bass-synced RGB or 7 solid bass-synced colours to really get the party going.

Switch it up with Various Multimedia Input
Personalise the speaker set to your liking with the input of your choice. Included are all cables for both digital (optical) and analog (3.5mm) input and six-channel direct (PC-soundcard) audio inputs, to connect with your PC, laptop and PS4 or Xbox One game consoles. With cable lengths of up to 5 meter, there are virtually no restrictions to your dream setup.

Both Wired and Wireless Control
Manage your settings easily and comfortably, both wired and wireless. Power, volume, bass and RGB light can all be adjusted to your liking with the wireless remote. Furthermore, the subwoofer’s control panel allows you to change volume and source settings. And when you’re done playing, the set’s integrated smart power management ensures that the Torro goes into stand-by when not in use.

  • Powerful 5.1 speaker set with 180W peak power (90W RMS)
  • Dolby digital (optical S/PDIF) sound input for the best surround sound experience
  • Experience 5.1 home theatre surround sound with your games, music and movies
  • Including wireless remote for power, volume, bass & light control
  • Pre-defined light modes: 7 solid bass-synced colours, breathing RGB, rotating RGB and bass-synced RGB
  • Digital (optical), analog (3.5mm) and six-channel direct (PC-soundcard) audio inputs; cables included
  • Suitable for PC, laptop and consoles
  • Smart power management: goes in stand-by when not in use
  • Cable length power cable     140 cm
  • Cable length audio cable     180 cm
  • Cable length subwoofer to front satellite cable     180 cm
  • Cable length subwoofer to rear satellite cable     500 cm
  • Cable length subwoofer to center satellite cable     250 cm

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