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Valmistaja: SONY
2379,00 € Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
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Hinnan muutokset
Tekniset tiedot
Yhteensopivat muistikortitMS Duo, MS Micro (M2), MS PRO Duo, MS PRO Duo HS, MS Pro-HG Duo, MicroSD (TransFlash), MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, SD, SDHC, SDXC
Näytön halkaisija7,49 cm (2.95")
Näytön tarkkuus1228800 pikseliä
Näytön kuvasuhde4:3
Kiinteä mikrofonicheckmark
Äänen tallennuscheckmark
Tuetut ääniformaatitLPCM
Digitaalinen zoomaus100x
Optinen zoomaus25x
Polttovälialue8.8 - 200 mm
Suodattimen koko7,2 cm
Objektivin rakenne (elementtejä/ryhmiä)6/13
Välikalvojen määrä9
Aspheric-elementtien määrä6
Paino ja mitat
Paino1,05 kg
Tuotteen korkeus94 mm
Tuotteen leveys132,5 mm
Tuotteen syvyys127,4 mm
Paino akun kanssa1,09 kg
Valotusajan korjaus± 3EV (1/3EV step)
ISO-herkkyys100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, Auto
Valon mittausKeskipainotettu, Arvioiva (Monikuvioinen), Piste
ISO-herkkyys (min.)100
ISO-herkkyys (maks.)12800
Megapikselit20,1 MP
Anturin tyyppiCMOS
Pysäytyskuvien resoluutio(t)5472 x 3080, 3648 x 2056, 2720 x 11528, 5472 x 3648, 3888 x 2592, 2736 x 1824, 4864 x 3648, 3648 x 2056, 2720 x 1528, 3648 x 3648, 2544 x 2544, 1920 x 1920
Kuvasensorin koko (leveys x korkeus)13,2 x 8,8 mm
Kuvan enimmäistarkkuus5472 x 3648 pikseliä
KameratyyppiKompakti kamera
Tuetut kuvasuhteet1:1,3:2,16:9
Kuvasensorin koko1"
Käyttölämpötila (T-T)32 - 104 ° F
Wi-Fi-standardit802.11b,802.11g,Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Lähialueen kommunikointi (NFC)checkmark
Tuetut videomuodotAVCHD,MP4,XAVC-I
Videon enimmäisresoluutio3840 x 2160 pikseliä
Videon erottelutarkkuudet640 x 480,1280 x 720,1920 x 1080,3840 x 2160
Videon tallennuscheckmark
HD-tyyppi4K Ultra HD
Automaattinen tarkennusalue (laaja)0.03 m
Automaattinen tarkennusalue (tele)0.72 m
Automaattitarkennus (AF)Automaattinen kontrastitarkennus, Single Auto Focus
Salaman kantoalue (laaja)1 - 10,8 m
Salaman kantoalue (tele)1 - 6,5 m
SalamatilatAuto, Salama poiskäytöstä, Salama käytössä, Hidas synkronointi
Etsimen malliElektroninen
Näytön kokoinen tähtäin0.39"
ValkotasapainoAuto, Pilvinen, Mukautetut kuvaustilat, Päivänvalo, Flash, Hehkuva, Sävy
Itselaukaisimen viive2,3,5,10 s
Diopter oikaisu (D-D)-4 - 3
Kameran tiedostojärjestelmäDCF 2.0,Exif,Exif 2.3,PRINT Image Matching III,RAW
Pakkauksen sisältö
Sisältää johdotMicro-USB
Sisältää paristotcheckmark
Sisältää akkulaturincheckmark
AkkuteknologiaLitiumioni (Li-Ion)
Akun kapasiteetti1080 mAh
Tuettu paristojen lukumäärä1
Akun käyttöikä (maks.)3,5 h
Akun jännite7,2 V
Akun kesto (CIPA standardi)420 laukausta
Kameran suljintyyppiElektroninen, Mekaaninen
Nopein kamerasuljinnopeus1/32000 s
Hitain kamerasuljinnopeus30 s
Muut ominaisuudet
Virtalähteen malliAkku
Tuotteen väriMusta
Takuu1 vuosi
Source: Icecat.biz

24–600 mm F2.4–4 large-aperture optical zoom lens
The first 25x optical zoom lens in a RX series camera features 24–600 mm extra-wide-angle to ultra-telephoto zoom range in a bright F2.4–4 lens; Super-ED glass, ED glass, and aspherical lens elements to maintain excellent image resolution, contrast, and quality; and nine-blade aperture unit for outstanding depiction of bokeh background.

Exmor RS™ about 20.1 effective megapixel stacked CMOS sensor
A large 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with about 20.1 effective megapixels achieves more captivating results, thanks to a stacked architecture that expands and speeds up signal processing, back illumination technology that increases light collection efficiency and reduces noise in shots taken at up to ISO 12800, and attached DRAM chip for the faster large-volume output that in-camera 4K super slow motion recording14 requires.

4K movie recording
Record 4K movies with full pixel readout and no pixel binning, for the ultimate image resolution with less moiré and jaggies. A high-speed, front-end LSI that supports image processing greatly reduces “rolling shutter” (diagonal skewing) distortion, which is commonly seen in video footage of fast-moving subjects.

Super slow motion up to ultra-telephoto
It’s easy to create super slow motion movies. Turn the mode dial to HFR (High Frame Rate) mode. Choose from 960/1000fps, 480/500fps, and 240/250fps (NTSC/PAL17), depending on the speed of the subject, to shoot exceptionally clear, smooth close-up action at up to 40x the usual frame rate of movies. In Quality Priority mode, image quality approaches Full HD quality at 240/250fps and HD quality at 480/500fps.

Continuous shooting at up to about 14fps without blackout
High-speed readout of the image sensor’s approximately 20.1 effective megapixels of imaging data makes continuous shooting at rates up to about 14fps18 possible with reduced blackout. This makes it easier to shoot great moments and expressions at their best nearly instantaneously. High-precision automatic autofocus tracking is operational even during continuous shooting at up to 5fps.

Fast Intelligent AF in just 0.09 s
Along with great zoom coverage up to 600 mm, the RX10 III features 0.09 s high-speed AF. The system's subject detection algorithm accurately predicts the proper point of focus by assessing the subject before the shutter button is pressed halfway. The camera then focuses as soon as the button is pressed fully.

Anti-Distortion shutter for fast and silent shooting
The rolling shutter phenomenon distorts images of fast-moving subjects. The RX10 III suppresses it when shooting at shutter speeds up to 1/32000 s. This way, you can capture sharp, undistorted images of sports like tennis. Plus, its electronic shutter operates silently, so you can shoot concerts, wildlife, and other subjects without disturbing the environment. (Captions in the image – left: conventional rolling shutter; right: RX10 III)

BIONZ X™ image processing engine
To reproduce and fine-tune detail and texture faithfully, this image processor works with the lens and Exmor RS stacked-type image sensor to handle about 20.1 effective megapixels of data with great speed and precision. Diffraction reduction to maintain image clarity even at smaller aperture settings. And area-specific noise reduction based on image area characteristics helps maintain high image quality.

Optical SteadyShot™
Optical image stabilization technology developed exclusively by Sony is especially valuable for handheld still and movie shooting, especially in low light and at the ultra-telephoto end of the zoom range up to 600 mm. This system is equivalent to a 4.5-stop-faster shutter speed, and prevents camera blur for smooth, stable framing and shooting. (Captions in the image – left: SteadyShot OFF; right: SteadyShot ON)

Versatile, user-friendly, reliable operation
Manual lens rings for focus, zoom, and aperture provide comfortable, adaptable control, especially as you look through the viewfinder. Multi Interface Shoe makes it easy to connect flash units, microphones, and other accessories. Dust- and moisture-resistant20 sealant and construction of operating parts enable the camera to withstand rugged conditions.

Zoom Assist
When you lose track of a moving subject while framing (which often occurs in ultra-telephoto shooting), press and hold down the C (custom) button22 to which Zoom Assist is assigned to trigger Zoom Assist function's automatic zoom-out. Find and frame the subject again, then release the button; the camera automatically zooms back to the original focal length, so you can resume shooting the subject. (Captions in the image – left: find and re-frame subject, right: successfully re-framed)

XGA OLED Tru-Finder™
With high magnification (0.70x), contrast, and resolution, this electronic viewfinder displays great depth. The equivalent of about 2.35 million dots on display reproduce rich tones and colors even in dark areas, for realistic images that match the high quality of the final recording. Zeiss® T* coating significantly reduces surface reflection from the sun and other light sources.

Gamma Display Assist
With this function, you can view while recording in S-Log gamma, converting S-Log2 into ITU709 (800%) gamma for monitoring24 images, or checking focus while enlarging an image on the LCD screen or viewfinder.

Clean HDMI output
The camera supports uncompressed movie recording on external recording equipment—it also lets you output such high-quality movies for real-time viewing on an external monitor, so you can confirm focus and other details more clearly while recording in-camera25.

Gain flexibility to make more expressive movies in postproduction. S-Log2 gamma curves feature wide dynamic range (up to 1300%) to reduce whiteout and blackout in the color grading process.

Picture Profile
Picture Profile menu supports professional-style changes of parameters such as Gamma Curve and Detail for basic contrast, color adjustment, brightness gradation, and image edging.

XAVC S/AVCHD movie formats
With high-bitrate XAVC S, which is based on the XAVC format that's highly reputable among professionals, serious moviemakers can record high-quality 4K and Full HD movies with minimal compression noise at maximum bitrates of 100 and 50 Mbps, respectively. The RX10 III also offers you options to easily record, edit and share AVCHD format movies.

Enhanced Zebra Assist
Simplify exposure monitoring, especially when shooting in S-Log gamma setting. Target a video signal brightness level from 0 to 109%, and set a range between +10 and –10% of that value; zebra pattern indicates areas with that level of exposure within that range. New minimum brightness level setting reliably warns you to avoid blown-out highlights.

Customizable function settings
The custom (C) button enables you to set one of over 58 possible functions22 to adapt the camera’s capabilities to your shooting style. Assign a frequently used function or preferred setting to this button. It is then easier to access that function or setting. Access is at your fingertips for faster, more intuitive camera operation.

Capture stills from movies
Select a definitive moment from a 4K movie recording, and save it in a file as a highly detailed 8-megapixel still image. Create a 2-megapixel still image file from Full HD footage.

Dual Rec
The sensor's heightened processing speed enables the RX10 III to capture very precise still images without pixel binning while recording a movie. Result: high-quality images of up to 17 MP resolution.

Eye AF
Even when capturing a subject partially turned away from the camera with a shallow depth of field, the face is sharply focused thanks to extremely accurate Eye AF. A green frame appears over the prioritized eye when focus is achieved.

File Name Setting
The first three characters of the file name are now customizable on the camera. The file name starts with “DSC” by default, but you can change and register the three characters of your choice. This helps photographers manage files easily, especially when working with multiple cameras.

Lock-on AF
Simply press the shutter button halfway to activate Lock-on AF 25. It automatically adjusts the AF target frame size to match the subject size, improves tracking performance, and helps you take full advantage of every photo opportunity.

Remote camera control
Download and install a Remote Camera Control application on a computer to change camera settings, shoot images, and otherwise operate the camera from the computer over a USB connection. The image data recorded on the camera is stored directly.

PlayMemories Camera Apps™
This application broadens your photographic horizons by letting you add more functions to the camera.

One-touch remote/ One-touch sharing
One-touch remote makes your smartphone or tablet a viewfinder/remote control. One-touch sharing transfers photos/videos to your device for social network site (SNS) sharing. Just install a PlayMemories Mobile™ app over Wi-Fi to your NFC-enabled Android device, then touch the device to the camera to connect them. No NFC? No problem. New QR code compatibility can also pair the devices.

Supported in Capture One Express (for Sony)
Capture One Express (for Sony) is one of the world’s best RAW converters for rendering color and detail with incredible precision. It contains flexible digital asset management, all essential adjustment tools, and fast, responsive performance in one customizable integrated solution.* Please address all inquiries on purchase, usage, and support on Capture One solutions to Phase One.

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