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Canton InCeiling 443

Canton InCeiling 443

Valmistaja: CANTON
ID: CA-03773
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Verkkokauppa: 5 kpl Arvioitu toimitus: 07.06
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Source: Icecat.biz

Canton InCeiling loudspeakers look elegant, they are easy to install and they sound amazing. Specially developed for in-ceiling-installation, the loudspeakers are the perfect sound solution in any situation.

Round in design, they resemble recessed lights while the grills can be painted so that they blend into the surrounding ceiling. Their wide dispersion characteristics allow them to create a harmonious carpet of sound throughout the building.
The loudspeakers of the three different series have an identical size, so they can be perfectly combined in different rooms.

Low installation depth
Despite the generous dimensions of the magnets the installation depth of InCeiling loudspeakers is only a low 7 - 10 cm.

Easy installation
Thanks to the clever use of detail the installation process is particularly quick and easy and does not require a specialist technician.

The practical bracket mounts make installation simple andprovide a secure hold for the loudspeaker.

Paintable grills
The grills of these recessed loudspeakers can be painted, which means they can be used to provide specific colour accents or hidden discreetly in the ceiling.


  • Swivel-mounted tweeters - The tweeters can be swiveled, so they can be precisely aimed, which allows even more flexibility in the choice of installation location.
  • Tweeter level adjustment - The tweeter level adjustment compensates for the acoustic disadvantages of difficult installation locations and allows the loudspeakersto be adjusted on an individual basis.
  • Magnetically secured covers - The loudspeakers of the 800 and 900 Series offer the elegant solution of magnetically secured covers.
  • Easy-Link - The practical “Easy-Link” connections ensure that the speaker cables can be connected easily and with long-term stability.

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