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Battery LR44/A76 Alkaline 2-pa

3,00 € Näytä ALV 0% Näytä ALV 24%
Verkkokauppa: Ei vahvistettu Arvioitu toimitusaika: Ei vahvistettu
Saatavuus / Toimitus
Hinnan muutokset
Paino ja mitat
Paino2,4 g
Tuotteen korkeus5,4 mm
Halkaisija1,16 cm
Paino pakattuna9 g
Pariston malliKertakäyttöinen akku
Akun kapasiteetti150 mAh
Tuotteen väriHopea
Akun jännite1.50 V
Mukana paristoja2 kpl
Muut ominaisuudet
Source: Icecat.biz

LR44 Alkaline Button Cell
LR44 is the most common of button cell batteries. They are manufactured in large quantities, and are available from every battery company with a range of button batteries.

All LR44 cells have a standard voltage of 1.5V, and size of 11.6mm in diameter by 5.4mm in height. As an alkaline button cell, they are inexpensive to produce. This allows for really cheap prices to end users. The multitude of battery suppliers has resulted in many different names for the A76 battery, including LR44, AG13, G13, L1154, V13GA, plus many more.

LR44 button cells are used in hand-held electronic toys, calculators, LED lights in wheel nuts on cars, and just about every other place that a small amount of electricity is required at a low cost. High power devices, such as laser pointers or toys are better off with an A76/LR44.