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Sleepytroll - baby rocker

Manufacturer: SLEEPYTROLL
ID: STL-001
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This product is end of life or currently not available.
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Baby Rocker

  • Fits every stroller
  • Long battery life
  • For all weather conditions
  • Buttons let you adjust movement
  • Sensors detect when baby is about to wake

Fits every stroller
Sleepytroll's flexible design allows it to connect to every type of stroller on the market. Simply attach it and watch your baby drift off to sleep. No extra brackets or accessories needed!
Long battery life
The Sleepytroll has built-in rechargeable batteries with exceptional capacity of hours, meaning Sleepytroll can be used for hours before charging is needed.
For all weather conditions
Sleepytroll has built-in rechargeable batteries with exceptional power, which means that Sleepytroll can be used for up to 10 hours before charging is needed. The battery is then charged in about 2 hours.
Buttons let you adjust movement
Sleepytroll is not designed to replace you as a parent but made to help you out when you really need a third hand. The buttons let you adjust the level of movement, making it fit your child's specific behaviour and your needs.
Sensors detect when baby is about to wake
The smart sound and motion sensors detects if your baby cries or moves, and automatically begins to gently rock your stroller before the little one fully wakes up. The soothing motion calms your child. It helps both you and your baby get more quality time together, when baby are awake.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to fit the weight and size of your stroller, and to fit your child's behaviour. When activated with the sensors, Sleepytroll will rock for 3 minutes and then goes back into sleepwatch sensormode.
Manual Mode
Sleepytroll can also be used manually without connecting the sensors. Then it works for 30 minutes before it’s automatically switched off.

Technical data
Basic mode: Rocks for 30 minutes
Sensor mode: Monitors your baby and rocks
for 3 minutes each time noise
or movement is detected
Sensors: Microphone, movement
Adjustable sensitivity
Prams: Fits all prams
IP rating: IPX2 - Light rain / showers
Dimensions (packaging): 114 x 108 x 190mm
Dimensions (product): 74 x 90 x 167mm
Weight: 0.65kg / 0.88kg packed
Power source: Rechargeable NiMH battery
Operating temperature: -10 to 35 degrees
Charger: W12E-90055
Input: 100-240V, 0.5A, 50/60Hz
Output: DC 9V, 550mA
Plug types included: International: US, UK, AUS, EU
Included in box: Product, charger, user manual

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