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NENO Thermometer Lr Medic T05 White

Manufacturer: NENO
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Medic T05 Professional Infrared Thermometer 

  • Professional measurement
  • Memory of up to 34 measurements
  • 3 display screen colours
  • Infrared technology
  • Quick measurement

Professional measurement
Neno Medic T05 is a medical device that can also be used in hospitals and other such environments by medical professionals.

Modern design
Using the Neno Medic T05 infrared thermometer is incredibly easy. You just need to press one button to turn the device on and take the measurement. The ergonomic shape of the device’s handle makes it easy to hold and use the device.

Child’s play
You can safely and easily measure an infant’s body temperature using Neno Medic T05. Aim the sensor at your child’s forehead and press the button. The measurement will show up on the display screen of the device.

Memory of up to 34 measurements
The Neno Medic T05 infrared thermometer remembers up to 34 temperature measurements taken, letting you monitor the history of disease and compare measurements taken on different days.

Infrared technology
The Neno Medic T05 thermometer receiver infrared waves and uses them to measure the body temperature of the patient without touching them directly.

3 display screen colours
The Neno Medic T05 infrared thermometer will instantly warn you, if the measured temperature is too high. The display screen will turn yellow if the patient has a fever or red, if they have a high fever.

Readable display
Big, easy to read digits on the Neno Medic T05’s display screen will instantly let you know, what the measured temperature is. Additionally, the screen shows all the other information, like the device’s work mode and measurement unit.

Object temperature measurement
The Neno Medic T05 thermometer can be used for many other things. Make sure that the bathwater is safe for your child or that the prepared bottle of milk will not burn the child.

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