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Webcam HD 1920x1080 USB w/microphone

Webcam HD 1920x1080 USB w/microphone

Manufacturer: NGS
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Source: Icecat.biz

High-definition FULL HD webcam (1920x1080) with USB 2.0 connection that provides you with the best image quality to ensure that you don’t miss a single detail.
This powerful webcam includes a built-in multi-directional microphone for interference-free conversations.
With its outstanding compatibility, it is ideal for use with all video call and chat applications such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, Teams, and more.
The NGS Xpresscam 1080 camera supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Smart TV.
Featuring a true 2Mpx resolution that is so clear, it looks like you’re in the same room.
Its focus distance is from 30cm to infinity, a wide 60-degree field of view.
The webcam is equipped with a SNAPSHOT button to take photos with a resolution of up to 2 megapixels.
A blue LED on the front is activated when the camera is on.
If you are not using it, but the LED is on, it means that someone has hacked your computer and is spying on you.
You will feel protected hanks to this ANTI HACK detection system.
Its light and compact size (70*48*54 cm) allows you to carry it comfortably on the go, along with your other accessories.
The cable is 200 cm long to allow for more movement.
It has a practical adjustable base that securely attaches to any monitor and even allows you to rest it on a flat surface like your desk.
It is equipped with a USB 2.0 connection and is extremely easy to use thanks to its Plug & Play installation that eliminates the need for software.

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