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B.WELL MED-55 M-L - blood pressure monitor

Manufacturer: B.WELL
ID: 1101239
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Blood Pressure Monitor MED-55 M-L Cuff, 60 Memory

  • Expert accuracy with 3check mode
  • Traffic lights backlight
  • Blood pressure indication scale
  • Pulse Arrhythmia Detection
  • Memory for 2 users
  • Storage bag

Expert accuracy with 3check mode
MED-55 blood pressure monitor provides an advanced measurement accuracy due to the 3check technology. In 3check mode, the device automatically performs three consecutive measurements and analyzes the results using a special algorithm. Because blood pressure constantly fluctuates, a result determined in this way is more reliable than one produced by a single measurement. You can choose between the 3check mode with a triple measurement and the single measurement mode
Powered by Micro USB
The ability to operate with an adapter and Micro USB cable makes this blood pressure monitor not only convenient but also economical.  You can use any certified Micro USB adapter with an output voltage of 6 V DC 600 mA. The blood pressure monitor can also operate using four AAA batteries.
Traffic lights backlight
Colored display backlight (green, yellow or red) indicates the level of blood pressure. Thanks to this backlight you will immediately understand whether the measured pressure is normal, low or high.
Cuff check indicator
The device shows if the cuff is properly applied. The accuracy of measurement is affected by the correct location of the cuff and pressure measurement technique. The special symbol on the display of the MED-53 blood pressure monitor indicates if the cuff is applied correctly.  If the cuff is applied too tight or loose, the blood pressure monitor will show an error symbol
Blood pressure indication scale
The scale indicates the level of measured pressure according to the classification of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).
Pulse Arrhythmia Detection
Serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage
Intellect Active technology
Provides fast and gentle measurement.  The blood pressure monitor performs measurement during air inflation and adjusts to each user determining the individual level of the cuff pumping. The Intellect Active algorithm allows measuring not only accurately and quickly, but also as comfortably as possible.
Fan shape cuff
Guarantees comfortable and accurate measurements. The anatomic B.Well cuff has an ideal fit to distribute air pressure evenly and ensure a painless and accurate measurement.
Universal M-L size cuff
Universal M-L size cuff for an upper arm circumference of 22-42 cm, can be used by all family members.
Memory for 2 users
Advanced blood pressure control: 60 memory for each of 2 users with date and time
Removable cuff cover
The cuff can be simply and easily cleaned thanks to the removable cover, which is washable

Automatic blood pressure monitor, model MED-55
Anatomic M-L size cuff for an upper arm circumference of 22-42 cm
Batteries of AAA type – 4 pcs.
Instruction manual
Storage bag

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