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B.WELL VB P Monitor Pro-39 Wrist, One Mem

Manufacturer: B.WELL
ID: 1101236
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Blood Pressure Monitor Pro-39 Wrist, 1 memory

  • Arrhytmia Detection
  • Easy handling with only one button
  • Compact and portable for travel, home and office
  • Storage case
  • Automatic switch-off

Pulse Arrhythmia Detection
Helps identify pulse irregularities at an early stage. If the blood pressure monitor detects pulse rate instability and recognizes arrhythmia when measuring arterial pressure, it displays a special symbol. B.Well technology detects the first signs of arrhythmia, thus allowing patients to visit their doctor and help treat heart disease in a timely manner.
Intellect Classic technology
Provides comfortable measurements and accurate results.  At the start of the measurement process, the blood pressure monitor determines the optimum level of cuff inflation for the specific wearer. The correct pressure level in the cuff helps obtain the most accurate results without excessive compression.

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