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Iotty Smart Switch LSWE22 (Double-gang) - The smart switch that innovates your home.

Iotty Smart Switch LSWE22 (Double-gang) - The smart switch that innovates your home.

Manufacturer: IOTTY
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It's easy
Install iotty Smart Switch and with just a WiFi connection your home becomes instantly Smart.
Thanks to the iotty built-in WiFi, you won't need any HUB or central unit.
Remove your old switch, install iotty and connect it to your WiFi through the app.
A design statement for Smart Homes
Everybody is going to notice.
Bright and modern, it gives an elegant touch to your walls.
The best high-quality
Enjoy the beautiful design, the amazing quality and the attention to detail.
Do not leave anything to chance.
Wire iotty to your gate* to execute smart automations and control it from remote
*Automation only available for electrically connected gates
Choose the Timetable Automation to switch lights on and off at a certain time
Use iotty as a diverter, in order to control a light from multiple points of the house
When you leave, activate the Vacation Mode to give always the impression that somebody is at home
Send multiple commands at the same time with a single touch
Program the backlight or change its intensity, turn it on only at night and use it as a courtesy light
Synchronize your home
with the environment.
A lot more than a switch: tune your lights to the environment, switch them on based on the sun, on the weather, on your location...

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