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Fibaro - CO Sensor Z-Wave

Fibaro - CO Sensor Z-Wave

Manufacturer: FIBARO
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A certified carbon monoxide sensor with exceptional measurement precision. It is able to detect even slightly increased amounts of carbon monoxide, which are enough to affect your wellbeing over time. With higher concentrations, the FIBARO CO Sensor will immediately inform you about a threat. The sensor will even work without being connected to the system, so it can continuously monitor the home.

100% of confidence

The FIBARO CO Sensor is a life-saving device, therefore tests to conform compliance with the applicable requirements of the standard EN 50291-1:2010 are conducted by the BSI Group accredited testing laboratory. Each sensor is subject to continuous control, which covers routine product testing and the evaluation of manufacturing quality control processes.

Detailed information and measurement log

Unique measurement precision is given exceptional form. The concentration of carbon monoxide is presented in a graph and the measurement log saved in the system's memory.

Simplicity saves lives

Simple and comprehensible indicators will allow anyone to immediately assess the threat.

Carbon monoxide was not detected or its concentration is extremely low, you can relax.

The CO concentration could affect how you are feeling, make sure you air the room, check ventilation and find the source.

CO Alarm
CO levels are high enough to be a threat to life - follow the rules applicable for critical levels of CO concentration.

Guarding your well-being

Even small concentrations of carbon monoxide may cause discomfort and aggravation over time.

The silent killer

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas. This makes it particularly dangerous for people and animals alike.


The number of carbon monoxide-related accidents in the USA over the 7 years*
* nfpa.org, for the years 2003-2010

Constantly caring for your home

The dangerous carbon monoxide can also appear in your house when you are away. Thanks to the FIBARO system you will know about the danger, wherever you are. With FIBARO or FIBARO for HomeKit apps* you always have instant access to the information.
* HomeKit-enabled device available in the summer of 2017

To know more

The FIBARO carbon monoxide sensor is a unique solution. The device ensures exceptional measurement precision and offers clear CO concentration graphs when connected to the system. The information concerning CO levels is saved, so you can go back through the archived data whenever you like.

The protection system

The FIBARO CO Sensor cooperates with other devices, creating a smart, active protection structure.
What is a state of CO in bedroom?

It's voice-controlled

Available with Apple Siri* or Amazon Alexa
* HomeKit-enabled device available in the summer of 2017

Control the threat at its source

The house is only as safe as its least protected room. Install FIBARO CO Sensors where the exposure to carbon monoxide is most probable to ensure your home stays safe.

Instant notifications

The system lets you know instantly about increased carbon monoxide levels by sending important information straight to your smartphone.

Take care of all your loved ones

Carbon monoxide can easily get into any room in your house. Place the FIBARO CO Sensor where you want your loved ones to be well and safe.

It does not require the system

Our carbon monoxide sensor may operate as a stand-alone device. Then it does not provide the features available through the system, but it is still a precise and efficient carbon monoxide sensor. You can use it yourself or give it to your loved ones, even if neither you nor they use the FIBARO system.

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