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XORTEC Main-IoT vuotovahti

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Online store: 2020-12-23 Estimated delivery time: 2020-12-23
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Warranty1 year
Source: Icecat.biz

Developed in Finland, Main-IoT Leak Guard protects your property against moisture damage and the resultant costs. The device does not require maintenance, its installation takes only a few minutes and it is the most reasonably priced remote monitoring solution for the detection of leaks on the market. Thanks to IoT network technology, the leak guard is not directly connected to the internet, and provides a very high level of information security.

Main-IoT Leak Guard is installed in any spot where water can leak, such as under dish washers, refrigerators or sinks. When the sensor detects moisture, the device sends an alert on the location of the leak to up to three predetermined phone numbers. Main-IoT leak guard is an inexpensive solution for the prevention of major moisture damage.

Main-IoT-vuotovahti ei tarvitse erillistä SIM-korttia asennukseen

No sim card

Main-IoT-vuotovahti on markkinoiden edullisin ratkaisu vesivahinkojen etävalvontaan ja sen asentaminen vie vain muutaman minuutin

Easy to install and inexpensive in use

Main-IoT-vuotovahti toimii turvallisessa Sigfox-verkossa, joka on suunniteltu esineiden internettiä varten

Very high level of information security

Main-IoT-vuotovahdilla on 5 vuoden toimintatakuu yhdellä patterilla

Up to ten years battery life in normal use

Main-Iot-vuotovahti on Suomessa valmistettu ja suunniteltu tuote vesivahinkojen estämiseen

designed and manufactured in Finland