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Rollei CarDVR-308

Rollei CarDVR-308

Manufacturer: ROLLEI
ID: 40134
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  • Bright colour TFT LCD with 3.0“ (7,62 cm)
  • Starts recording automatically after power on
  • Loop recording
  • With motion sensor
  • Built-in GPS – track and view the exact vehicle location with Google maps

Rollei CarDVR-308
Dash cam recordings are enjoying great popularity on video portals on the internet. However, car video cameras for mounting on the dashboard or on the windshield have several advantages: On the one hand you can document your travels and holiday trips in an uncomplicated, precise manner and preserve you memories on video. On the other hand by now the high-resolution videos that are provided with time and place data are also accepted by courts as evidence (on a case-dependent basis). The Rollei CarDVR-308 provides razor- sharp videos in full HD quality and permits you to check the subject by means of the very bright 3.0“ colour TFT LCD display in order to align the camera correctly before driving.

A fast wide angle lens with fixed focal length
Light-sensitive cameras, which have a fast wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length, are particularly suitable for shooting from a vehicle while driving and while stationary. Especially when visibility is poor or at night, situations often occur, which make video recording appear to be a good idea. The wide shooting angle ensures that the area in front of the car is generously covered. The fixed focal length ensures that objects are always recorded in sharp focus regardless of their distance from the lens.

Emergency function with precise 3-axis G-sensor
The Rollei CarDVR-308 stores the video data as a loop. If the capacity limit of the optional micro SDHC memory card is reached, the camera begins to overwrite the beginning. In the event of an accident oranother emergency, in order to be able to store the previous events securely, a sensitive 3-axis G-sensor automatically releases the overwrite lock, if a strong shock occurs (regardless of its direction). Depending upon the memory card used (8 to 32 GB, Class 10 or faster) you will have extensive video equipment in order to be able to document previous events comprehensively as well. The Rollei CarDVR-308 has its own lithium polymer battery but in normal operation its power is supplied by means of a 12-V/24-V adaptor from the on-board electrical system. A microphone and a loudspeaker are already permanently integrated in the camera case.

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